Operationalization of Collaborative Blended Learning scripts

Title: Operationalization of collaborative blended learning scripts: a model, computational mechanisms and experiments

Supervisors: Dr. Davinia Hernández-Leo & Prof. Dr. Josep Blat

Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Departament de Tecnologies de la Informació i les Comunicacions


Portable and interactive technologies are changing the nature of collaborative learning practices. Learning can now occur both in and beyond the classroom and furthermore combine formal and informal activities monitored and orchestrated across spatial locations. This rises to a new type of orchestrated learning that we term Computer Supported Collaborative Blended Learning (CSCBL) scripts. This thesis investigates the challenges associated with the design of CSCBL scripts and with the technologies responsible for their enactment. Three contributions are presented. First, a conceptual model that combines 4 factors to be considered in the design of CSCBL scripts. Second, technological solutions operationalizing the aforementioned factors are proposed and evaluated through synthetic experiences. And third, four CSCBL experiments using 4SPPIces. These experiments are analyzed into two interrelated multicase case studies, whose cross-analyzed results provide an evaluation of the model, of the operationalization solutions supporting the enactment of the involved CSCBL scripts and of the educational value of the experiences themselves.

You can have an access to the whole document here.

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