eMOOCs 2016 & Launch meeting of the MOOC-Maker Project


Tomorrow I will be traveling from Madrid to Graz for the eMOOCs Conference 2016. There I will join there some of my colleagues Alario-Hoyos and Albó, who are presenting really interesting papers (see the program :)).  There I will also be presenting the paper:

Pérez-Sanagustín, M., Hilliger, I., Alario-Hoyos, C., Delgado Kloos, C., Rayyan, S., (2016, in press) Describing MOOC-based Hybrid initiatives: The H-MOOC Framework, eMOOCs Conference 2016, Viena. (paper pre-print)


Here you have the abstract:

Several studies have described different hybrid initiatives to integrate MOOCs into traditional higher education. Most of these studies have partially documented students’ perception on hybrid initiatives, measuring course satisfaction among other metrics. Few researchers have reported institutional efforts implied in implementing hybrid initiatives and their benefits from a curriculum perspective. This paper presents H-MOOC, a framework that describes hybrid MOOC-based initiatives as a continuum of two factors: (1) institutional effort, and (2) curriculum alignment. H-MOOC facilitates the comparison of different hybrid MOOC-based initiatives by suggesting Key Performance Indicators to measure their impact at an institutional level. Different hybrid initiatives in the literature are analyzed to illustrate how H-MOOC works. An actual case study on a course on Calculus is presented as empirical evidence of its use.

I’m also excited because I could finally meet Collin Milligan. Collin is a research fellow from at the Glasgow Caledonian University who has been contributing together with Prof. Allison Littlejohn and their team with very good papers on Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) in MOOCs. Have a look at some of the:

  • Littlejohn, A., Hood, N., Milligan, C., & Mustain, P. (2016). Learning in MOOCs: Motivations and self-regulated learning in MOOCs. The Internet and Higher Education29, 40-48.
  • Margaryan, A., Milligan, C., Littlejohn, A., Hendrix, D., & Graeb-Koenneker, S. (2009). Self-regulated learning and knowledge sharing in the workplace. InProceedings of International Conference on Organisational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities (pp. 1-15).

Collin and Littejohn papers have been a very useful reference to continue advancing on the understanding of how to support students self-regulate their learning in MOOCs in the framework of my Fondecyt Project. In fact, I will talk soon about a recent publication on this topic that we will present at the Learning @ Scale Conference this year.


Also, this trip is especially important because, after the conference, there will take place the first annual meeting of the MOOC-Maker Project. I will also talk you more about this project, since it looks like it is going to be really interesting for sharing MOOC experiences between Europe and LATAM.