MOOCs and OERs for web talent: an Hybrid Open panel at OER15


It’s my pleasure to invite you all at the Hybrid Open Panel entitled “MOOCs and OERs for web talent: efficacy, acknowledgment and fit-for-purpose – A hybrid open panel at OER15” that will be held tomorrow within the OER15 Conference. This panel will discuss about how MOOCs can be an answer to the challenges that Europe is currently facing in regard to education and the needs of a changing market.

Specifically, four main topics will be discussed. You can see the discussions that have emerged already:

The event will be moderated by Yishay Mor and Laia Canals, the panelist include Allison Litlejohn, Carlos Alario, Tom Staubitz, Davinia Hernández-Leo, Catherine Mongenet, and myself through some comments and audio recordings.

You can already enjoy some of the discussions, but you will also have the change to see the discussion and contribute to it on streaming!

Here is the information about the event: Tuesday 14th April from 14:00-16:00 (BST or GMT + 1:00)

Se you all there!