Is The “Classroom” initiative by Google Something else than MOODLE?

Today I’ve been reading about the Classroom initiative by Google. As I understood in an quick overview through the web is that Google is organizing all the system that they already have working GoogleDocs, GoogleForms…. in a system for teachers and students.

It’s a good initiative, since most of us are using Gmail and, since few years ago, Google is offering e-mail accounts for schools and universities. It’s good because:

  • People are already in Google
  • People are familiar with the apps by Google
  • Google is simple and easy to use

However, Google classroom is nothing more than the New MOODLE, but with Google Apps. Students send the assignments and teachers can receive and assess them through the web. Teachers upload their resources and organize them in folders so that students can access to them. Nothing else of what other platforms such as MOODLE or Blackboard do.

What is true is tha Google is simple, and I think that this is key for the teachers to adopt the tools. And it is also true that Google is stable and people is confident on how it works.

However, I think that Google can offer more than that. I imagine that this is just the beginning. They have analytics and tools that they could use to support the teachers better. Even more, they have apps. But still, there’s a lot to do.

The important thing is to change the methodologies. Including Google Classroom in our classrooms can be a starting point, but we should also provide teachers with the mechanisms and methodologies to benefit the most from what the Technology offers.