The first Global Blended Learning Course Across Countries using a MOOC in Edx

MOOC internconectado

On 25th August it will start the first initiative of a Global Blended Learning Course Across countries using a MOOC in the EdX Platform with the course “Practical Numerical Methods with Python”.

This initiative is leaded by Lorena Barba and her lab, from the George Washington University, who will collaborate with Dr. Ian Hawke from the University of Southampton Centre for Doctoral Training, the Prof. Carlos Jerez from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (PUC), and the professor David Ketcheson from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

In this course, students from the four universities will work at the same time with the same content, which will be hosted in a MOOC in the edX platform. These online lessons will be complemented with face-to-face lessons that will run in each institution, orchestrated by local teachers. In these lessons students will have the opportunity to share and discuss their experiences and solve their problems and doubts together with the teacher support. At the PUC, this is the first initiative in which MOOCs are the means to open the frontiers of the university to the world.

This pilot experience is aligned with the objectives of the projects “Engineering 2030”, which aims looking for new forms of teaching and learning engineering in Chile, opening up new spaces for collaboration and innovation. Further, this initiative is an example of the new forms of teaching an learning that Higher Education institutions like the MIT are looking for with their projects Future of MIT education, which final report “Institute-wide Task Force on the Future of MIT Education” has been recently published.

In summary, this is only one the beginning of a new range of learning experiences that aim at transforming universities in the spaces for innovation of the society and the wheels for the economy of the future.

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