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Following the paper on “Serendipitous Learning: Recognising and Fostering the Potential of Microblogging” which was appeared in the February 2011 Issue of the FORM@ARE journal, I have submitted a book chapter this week for the upcoming book on microblogging, edited by Carmen Holotescu.

The new book chapter titled “Twitter as a Serendipitous Learning Space: Constructing Knowledge through Microblogging” explores Twitter as a potential space for serendipitous learning, in which the user can spontaneously discover, learn and create while at the same time maintaining connections to others.

Here is the abstract of the book chapter:

“This chapter introduces the concept of serendipitous learning in the context of microblogging and discusses the potential of unplanned and unexpected discoveries for constructing and sharing knowledge on Twitter. While most research related to microblogging and learning focuses on the support of informal learning, training specific competencies using microblogs and designing educational activities…

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