Fusion local and global learning: glocalities as the learning spaces of the future

Meyrowitz: Glocality – dynamic between local and global from FreedomLab on Vimeo.

While writing a paper  for the workshop Smart Cities Learning, that will take place within the Alpine Rendez-vouz 2013 event, I found a really interesting paper by Josua Merowitz: “The Rise of Glocality: New senses of place and Identity in the Global Village“. In this paper Merowitz presents the idea of Glocality as the fusion of our global identities with the local:

Such changes in the senses of “us” vs. “them” and in “here” vs. “else- where” are neither inherently good nor inherently evil. Yet, they are significantly different from older, place-bound experiences. We both lose and gain. We lose the old comfort and simplicity of being in bounded systems of interaction where our “insider” role is taken for granted. Yet, with a wide array of electronic media, including the mobile phone, we are also liberated from the same bounded and confining experiences. We are free to choose our own networks for membership and our own level of engagement in each network. We are free, as well, to shape our degrees of connection to local space. As a result, we can each create our own customized – and evolving – fusion of local and global identities.

Josua Merowitz: “The Rise of Glocality: New senses of place and Identity in the Global Village

All this made me think. Glocalities, since influences by the global trends, are continuously changing. People is constantly learning from around and from others through their glocality. Glocalities are then, another space for lifelong learners. Then, what are the mechanisms for supporting in the evolution of their glocalities?